This was a really fun project to do because I had gotten to cosplay with another cosplayer for the first time! I had the wonderful pleasure of working with Emily from The Stylish Geek. We decided to take on two different Psylockes from the 80’s. Psylocke is a truly awesome character who has worn so many different costumes in the past–and more of those costumes need to be cosplayed more often! Amirite guys?


Emily went with the more girly, bubblegum version of Psylocke (you can check out her write-up here!). Meanwhile, I decided to do armored Psylocke. The majority of the comics that had Psylocke wearing her armor were really simplified and the graphics were too small so I relied heavily on a lot of different fan art from various artists.


The wig is from Epic Cosplay and everything (mask, catsuit, gloves and cloak) was sewn by the super talented LeelaBluePins.

I made all of the armor parts out of Worbla/craft foam and used the folding method on each of them. I used my Psylocke armor to make this tutorial.

Sadly, due to time constraints, I was not able to take a whole lot of progress pictures but I did manage to document most of my step-by-step painting progress on my chest piece:


I didn’t want the armor to look flat so each layer specifically had a slightly different shade of purple. Also, Kamui Cosplay’s painting guide really, really helped improve my painting skills!

The last picture of the chest piece was actually still unfinished. The final version can be seen below with the rest of my armor parts:


San Diego Comic-Con ’14