The Witch Doctor is my all-time favorite class in Diablo 3 and it was something I’ve always wanted to make for a while. I wanted to go in a different direction for this project by commissioning Zach Fischer to create an original design for her. Even though I debuted this cosplay at BlizzCon 2016, I only finished about 90% of this project. I’d like to finish this one day but for now, I will share what I’ve completed thus far!

One of the things I wanted for my Witch Doctor was to have lots of big feathers. I’m a huge sucker for big, flashy feathers and wanted to incorporate them on a lot of the armor pieces, especially the headdress. Zach also had an incredible idea of including Diablo himself into the design by adding the demon-like horns and skull for the mask.


I started off with craft foam and worbla to create the basic shape of the mask. A skull, especially one that comes from a demon, is very textural and contains a lot of bumps, ridges and indentations. So I used friendly plastic to create the area of where the nose and gums would be. I then added a layer of EVA foam onto the area of the cheeks and carved it with a dremel tool to create the raised cheekbones. And finally, I used worbla and friendly plastic to create the rest of the smaller details that would add more dimension to the mask.


The majority of the horns you see on this design is made up of carved pink foam for the base. Pink foam by itself is very weak so I used layers and layers of craft foam and worbla to create the textured “shell” for it.


I used KobraCast for the base of the helm. To stabilize the four large horns that would go on my helm, I used a combination of magnets and rolled up Worbla scraps that would stick out of my KobraCast base. It looks crazy, I know, but it works. I used magnets on them so that they can be detachable during transport. The feathers were purchased from Feather Place. They were originally all white until I dip dyed them using brown and black fabric dye.


Sadly, I didn’t get to wear this breastplate to BlizzCon due to complications, but I’ll still gonna show ya how I made it! I started off using two Black Worbla circles to create the main base of the “bra”. With the back of a box-cutter blade, I carved out details of the bra on craft foam. I then covered it with Worbla and glued it on top of the base. The bones and horns were made out of carved EVA foam and then covered in Worbla.

Rad Alien-like Demon Skull

One of my favorite things about this design is the part of the “belt buckle”.  Zach created this insane looking demon skull with THREE pairs of eyes. For the skull, I used the same technique as I did with Wrath Sonya, by using EVA foam as it’s base. I carved out the edges with a dremel tool to get more of a rounded organic look and added some friendly plastic for the little details. The horns were made out of EVA foam and Worbla.

General Armor Pieces

The armor pieces for the arms, legs and hips were made out of EVA foam. The wood texture was created by using a wood-burning tool and an xacto knife, and then I ran a heat gun over them to seal the details in.


The dagger is mostly made up of EVA foam. The teeth and bones are made out of Worbla scraps, and the rest of the details are made out of craft foam and friendly plastic.


This is definitely one of the funnest things to make. Although the lantern part of the fetish was mostly made in the dark with a few candles laying around my room due to a power outage D=. But anyway, most of the “bones” were created with carved EVA foam and then covered in Worbla for extra stability. The windows of the lantern are made out of PETG plastic and were dyed in green fabric dye.

This baby lights up too!

Overall Paint Progress

Due to the usual time constraints (I never learn), I wasn’t able to capture the final step of the painting progress but I was able to capture the rest of it! ^ _^

Cosplay in Action!

Not going to lie, the headdress was kind of heavy that I needed a to remove it about every hour. My main mistake was not adding padding behind the mask in the nose area. I forgot that I had a honker for a nose and most of the time, the weight of the headdress was smooshing my nose. Don’t make the same mistake I did, kids. Otherwise, everything else was super comfortable. I had a lot of fun cosplaying this Witch Doctor and I hope to finish the rest of the pieces in the future.