I had no idea what I was thinking at the time because making this costume was just a little out of my league…and out-of-my-league it was, because I worked on this costume on and off for nearly a year (mostly slamming my head against the work table). I’ve never given up on her though because I really liked this new version of Lady Deathstrike and she is one of my favorite comic book villains!


Lady Deathstrike’s armor is pretty interesting to me and looks entirely different from the older version of her. I especially liked how the armor surrounding her legs resembled the tail of a crustacean. I got these images from reading the New X-men issues.


All of the armor is made from Wonderflex and some of it has craft foam sandwiched in the middle. The claws were also made from Wonderflex and were the funnest to make (I made a build writeup/tutorial on the claws, please check it out here). I outlined most of the armor with black lines to make it look more like a comic book drawing. The wig was made by Arms, Armor and Awesome.

Final Photos

In the middle of the shoot, a part of the “lobster tail” broke off and I’m not satisfied with how I painted the armor, so I wasn’t too happy about the overall look of my costume. But I am glad I was able to finish an incredibly challenging project after a year of working on it on and off.