I’ve always wanted to cosplay a character rocking out with a guitar and since E.T.C. is one of my favorite heroes to play, I knew he’d be the perfect choice for my BlizzCon 2015 costume. Plus, everything about this particular in-game skin was so visually appealing to me that I wanted to bring it out of the game!


Yeah, I’m aware that he’s a Tauren…and a male, which is obviously farrr from my normal appearance but that sure as hell didn’t stop me from dressing up as him. Frankly, I just wanted to wear what he had on and incorporate his primary features onto my costume such as the horns and hooves. I guess you can say this is my first racebend and genderbend cosplay (bend all the things!).


The very first thing I did for this project was to trace the weapons and scale them accordingly on Photoshop by using a photo of myself. Once I was happy with the sizing of each weapon, I printed them out.

Oh, and I started working on this before Blizzard came out with their awesome cosplay references kits so at the time, I had to think creatively (especially with the main guitar).

First Weapon


This is E.T.C’s main guitar/axe. By default, he has his right hand covering the Horde symbol but luckily for me, when you go to the shop section of the game, you can move him into a different pose by spinning his model around until he becomes dizzy, thus removing his hand off of the guitar. This allowed me to grab the entire Horde symbol and copy and paste it onto his default pose.


The blueprint! Which was created using Photoshop because it’s the only program I have to trace things! Otherwise, I would’ve used Illustrator–but that’s a whole ‘nother story for another time. ^^


I cut out the basic shapes out of EVA foam. I glued the layers together with Barge (love that stuff).


Edges are beveled using a dremel tool.


Here comes the details! I used a woodburning tool to make the cracks and little “craters” on the blade of the guitar. You can check out a video here on how I did it.


Here’s the final picture! I really wished I had progress pictures of the painting process but I was running out of time to finish for BlizzCon, so sacrifices had to be made!

Second Weapon


Since this one appears to have only four strings, I’m going to assume it’s a bass guitar axe of death kind of weapon?



It went through the same process as the main guitar. Lots of different shapes were cut out and glued together.


Carve. Grind. Bevel. Details! Details! Details!


(The black square on the handle is just a piece of velcro which is used to attach the prop to the back of my harness. I just didn’t want to remove it for the photo in case I plan on wearing it again. I should’ve taken a photo prior to the velcro…but time was an issue!)

Third Weapon


This one’s either a coffin case or a mace, or both. Either way, it’s badass.



I used a flat aluminum bar for the base of each weapon which you can see in this photo. For this particular one, since it’s so top heavy, I should’ve added a second aluminium bar to make it even more sturdy.



One of the trickiest parts about this prop was figuring out how to insert the spikes into the sides of coffin base. I decided to drill a pretty deep hole for each spike slot with a dremel tool. Since I didn’t want the tip of the spikes to get smooshed during transport, each spike is detachable by using magnets. You can see my video demonstration here which also includes how I attach and detach my second prop.



This is how I created the spikes for the prop! I glued several layers of EVA foam together, carved the basic shape using a box cutter and then used a dremel tool to smooth out the spike. I also used scissors to refine the tip when I was done using the dremel tool (I did this after taking the photo though).

Overall Weapons



I was so bummed I wasn’t able to snap pictures of the progress that happened between those two pictures. The lesson here is to start your cosplay project wayyyy in advance so you can take all the cool progress pictures. :3



I pretty much used the same method on all of my EVA foam props to make the horns. I used six layers of foam, glued them together and then carved away. I made line grooves with the dremel tool, specifically the edge of the drum sander.  I made the spikes on the horns by using WM Armory’s tutorial.


The wig I used was from EpicCosplay. I used Worbla scraps, KobraCast and some superglue to attach the horns to the wig. I used Lightning Cosplay’s Horns and Headdresses book to learn how to attach the horns to the wig.



I definitely wanted to wear hooves for this costume but I didn’t want to be in complete pain by being on my tipy toes all day. Instead of using heelless shoes, I used a pair of $10 wedge heels. I covered any “open” areas of the shoes with KobraCast to prevent expanding foam from going inside. My biggest mistake here was not making the KobraCast looser/bigger around the shoes so there would be enough room for my feet and toes to move, bend and wiggle. This actually caused my feet to hurt a lot throughout the day and some of my toes went numb for over a week :c

Next, I applied expanding foam and carved it to the ideal Tauren hoof shape. I covered the foam with regular paper mache and then Worbla. Finally, I used faux fur to cover the majority of the top area of the hooves. The orange straps would be later covered by my boots which also had fur at the bottom to cover said straps.



Speaking of boots, I was really close to buying the actual super badass boots from Rivithead because I was afraid of not finishing my costume in time. I decided to risk it anyway and made my own. I had about less than five days to make them so I actually didn’t do any research on how to properly make a pair of leather boots, I just used the knowledge that I already had based on the past cosplays I made. I knew I needed something thin but firm so I decided to use Worbla and craft foam to create the base or “skeleton” of the boots. I then covered it with leather and painted it black.

And now for some bonus pictures!




Sweet silver buckles! Those are the only things I didn’t make. I did however had to make all the 20 little leather straps to attach them as you can see in the picture.


The “metal” plates you see on my boots are simply made out of, you guessed it, EVA foam. I also added tiny googly eyes to each corner of the plate.



Making the bandolier was definitely an awesome learning experience because I rarely work with leather. Master ETC’s bandoliers are clearly curved so I had to make each belt curve as well, which was actually so much better than making it straight like how most other bandoliers are made. If I had it go completely straight (like a typical belt), it would sit at an angle across my chest so that would’ve created a lot of discomfort for me. Everything was hand stitched and I installed several snaps on the ends of the belts so I can open and close them.


The bullets were made out of EVA foam. I try to use EVA foam for the majority of my costume simply because I have a lot of it and the material is just light and easy to work with overall.

Cosplay in Action!