All of the characters I have cosplayed in the past have always looked grumpy and depressed, and they probably never told a funny joke in their life. Pixie, on the other hand, with her natural proclivity to smile and light-hearted sense of humor, is simply a fresh of breath air…and add to the fact that she’s probably the only mutant who can pass as Tinkerbell’s human-size cousin. What’s not to like about her?


Pixie is by far the funnest character to plan since there are many depictions of her, especially on all the variations of wings, armor and pink hair you can find depending on the artist. For my take, I really wanted her armor to be bulky and over-exaggerated, because it would give it that “cartoony” appearance which I always love.


I purchased a pair of “Black Sclera” theatrical contact lenses from FX Eyes. Originally, I had made my own wings but was not happy about the quality of it so I decided to give my business to Fancy Fairy. They did an impeccable job on my wings. The wig is from Arda in Rose Pink.

I’m extremely terrible at sewing. I decided to buy a black catsuit and make my own yellow pattern. I sewed the yellow pattern on to the catsuit and then, uh, bad things happen (hint: not symmetrical).


Bracers: I used two layers of EVA foam because I wanted the bracers to look really chunky and cartoon-ish, and then I covered it with a layer of Worbla.

As expected, they ended up being very loose on my skinny little arms so I wrapped them with suran wrap very tightly for about a week. To my surprise, it actually worked and fit my arms perfectly.

For the little “knobs” on the side of the bracers, I used the bottom part of a disposable cup and cut out the top part. Filled the bottom part with resin because the cup was really weak and flimsy after cutting it, and then I used Worbla to form the shape.MakingofShoes

Boots: This was definitely a learning experience for me because I never made boot covers before. I basically drew a pattern out of my doc marten boots and cut the pattern in half. Luckily, these boot covers were able to fit perfectly right over of my sneakers, despite the fact that the pattern was based off the doc martens. I used Wonderflex.


Legs: I used a cheap push light to make the shape of the knee “pads”. These are made out of Worbla. The rest of the armor for the legs was just eyeing everything.

SDCC ’13

These were taken at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 by my wonderful boyfriend. All other pictures are credited to the respective photographer.