I wanted to take a break from doing anything that was armor or prop heavy, and Bombshell Wonder Woman was just the perfect thing for me.  I also didn’t know how to sew, so I figure this cosplay would be a good introduction to it (and thank goodness it was).



I’m such a total fan of the pinup/vintage style. Bombshell Wonder Woman was pretty much my favorite design out of all the other DC Bombshells. I loved the simplicity of her outfit and her big, marvelous wavy hair. And ah, that huge smile! That’s how I smile most of the time in my pictures!

Ok, maybe a tad bit creepier.

Ok, maybe a tad bit creepier.


Belt Buckle

For those who might want to use this blueprint, click on the image and you'll get a full res version!

For those who might want to use this blueprint, click on the image and you’ll get the full res version!

Ah yes, everything typically starts with a blueprint.

The pattern is transferred onto 1/4″ thick EVA foam. The white pieces are craft foam. They were carefully cut using a regular box cutter.

The buckle was then sealed with plastdip and mod podge, and then painted with acrylics. It’s very reflective so the color drastically changes in each lighting so that’s kind of cool. The corners are a little messed up because this photo was taken after I had worn it to WonderCon.


Unlike the belt buckle, I decided to simply hand draw the fun and whimsical design instead of creating a blueprint on Photoshop.


The design was then copied over with a sharpie onto 1/4″ thick EVA foam. I used a wood burning tool to carve out the details. I actually regret doing that because it left a really bumpy and rigid texture inside of the lines. It’s more noticeable after painting it.

The bracers were then sealed with plastidip and mod podge, and then painted with acrylics. The left one looks a lot better than the right (just like my eyebrows).



I bought a pair of white (bicast) leather slouch boots on eBay. They weren’t completely accurate but it was the closest I could find (they also weren’t comfortable either lol).

I painted the boots with red leather dye. Since Wonder Woman’s actual boots had some white details, I used painter’s tape for the borders. For the stars, I used a piece of paper that was cut into a star; the back side was completely covered in double sided tape so that it would stay on the boot as I painted over it.


As expected, some of the paint managed to seep underneath my tape and paper. Sneaky little bastards.

I used white leather dye to clean up the borders.


The old, worn out look I gave to the boots was completely unintentional. I probably didn’t know how to paint the boots properly which resulted in dark and uneven spots but I think it made the boots look better and gave it more personality.

Top & Shorts

I sewed a shirt, cuffs and collar from scratch within two nights before the convention. Because of the time crunch and me being a sewing noob, I didn’t take much progress photos on the shirt but at least I have the most important thing, the symbol!

Looking at Meagan Marie‘s WIP photos on her Bombshell Wonder Woman really helped me make the Wonder Woman symbol on my shirt. There is this AMAZING product that’s called Sticky Fabri-Solvy (Printable). I basically pulled up a Wonder Woman symbol from the internet and printed it using Sticky Fabri-Solvy paper. I applied it on the shirt and then sewed over the printed lines with satin stitch.

After I was done sewing it, I then soaked the shirt in warm water which dissolves the Sticky Fabri-Solvy paper. There’s actually another layer of fabric right between my shirt and the stitching. I wanted the symbol to be a little bit darker than the shirt. This was my first time doing a satin stitch so I know it ain’t pretty!

These are the pattern of the shorts! I used a tutorial on YouTube on how to make a pair of high waisted shorts. IT HELPED SO MUCH.

After I was finished sewing them, I added the stars using a product called “Heat n’ Bond” which bonds the fabric to another piece of fabric without having to sew or glue them on.


Bracers were missing on the right photo because I thought I lost them at the time!

I made dis. I’m super proud because again, I’ve never sewed a damn thing before so I’m really surprised that I was able to pull this off. The only thing I didn’t have time to finish was making her lasso.

Misc/Bonus stuff!

  • Since I forgot to buy a pair of red circle earrings I ended up making my own out of googly eyes.
  • For the hair, I used my real bangs but the rest is a Daphne wig in Black from EpicCosplay. I tied my real hair into a bun to elevate the wig and give it that “big hair” look. The yellow bandana was able to cover the hairline of the wig just fine.
  • I started making this cosplay expecting to be alone when I was at the convention. I would have never thought that three more awesome ladies would want to join and cosplay together with me! It was a bit of a spontaneous thing and wasn’t really planned until a month before WonderCon.

Cosplay in Action!

My belt was on too high in most of the pictures which resulted in an Urkel-like outfit. I didn’t know at the time since there were no mirrors around haha.  My makeup was done by my incredibly talented friend, Juliana Le-Arias.

A lot of these photos feature my amazing cosplay friends/bombshell group: The Stylish Geek (Batwoman), Geek Piñata (Catwoman) and Song Ja Park (Supergirl)!