There was an AWESOME update on Wrath Sonya’s skin in Heroes of the Storm. I loved the changes so much that I decided to update her in real life.  What’s different about her model is instead of the “standard” swords she originally carried, she now has two special swords that are based off of the tier 2 swords in World of Warcraft. She is also now rocking a helm, which is well, pretty badass.


Sonya is most likely carrying the Ashkandi and the Quel’Serrar sword from WoW. I decided to scale them down by a lot so that my weak little arms can carry them for an extended amount of time. >_<

I decided to make my own blueprints for the first time, and I can’t believe I never used blueprints before until now. It was lame of me to think I can just rely on my own eyes and my best judgement back then. For this project however, SO much time has been saved by simply making a blueprint!


This post will mainly cover the helm and the two swords. If you want to know how the main armor set was made originally, please go to this post instead.



The Quel’Serrar sword was made in the same technique as Sonya’s standard swords. It is made out of EVA foam with a PVC pipe core. The handle was wrapped in leather and bottom tip was made out of polymer clay.


The dragons of the Ashkandi swords were carved from layers of EVA foam that were glued together. The details of the faces were made with a dremel tool and a woodburner tool. They were then covered with craft foam scales.


The Ashkandi sword is, yet again, made out of EVA foam (what can I say? I love this material!). With most swords I make, I typically would use a PVC pipe for the core but since the original design clearly slows the blade levitating from the handle, I decided to use plexiglas instead. It runs at the tip of the blade and all the way down to the handle.


I couldn’t find a suitable PVC pipe that would be able to cover the plexiglas at the bottom, so I decided to use expanding foam. I carved the foam, covered it with paper mache (to cover the gaps the foam left), Worbla (for strength) and then leather.


Since I was having a difficult time trying to mold a gem out of clay for the very bottom of the handle, I decided to buy a paper weight that was in the shape of a large diamond, which I then primed and painted. I went with a heavy item to help distribute the weight of the sword overall (something that I’ve learned from reading Kamui Cosplay’s Book of Propmaking).

My biggest mistake on this sword is completely placing the dragons incorrectly. The angle is pretty off but I didn’t notice until after gluing the dragons on. Other than that however, I’m quite happy with how it all turned out!

helm-blade-wrath tier-2-wrath-helm wrath-helm-heroes

I used Evil Ted’s awesome tutorial on making the base of the helm. Everything was mostly made out of EVA foam. The only exceptions were the little metal bolts which are just googly eyes. The visor is made out of clear PETG and it was tinted using green fabric dye. It was my very first time making something for my head so I ended up making a pretty annoying mistake but didn’t realize it until the end…the helm fits fine but does NOT fit at all if you wear a wig. Doh!


After noticing that my helm did not end up matching the rest of the set (which I made last year), I decided to repaint most of the armor to match with the color scheme of the helm. I did not bother painting the skulls and anything “metal”, but I did focus on repainting all of the gold and purple/blue areas. I noticed the in-game model showed a slight metallic shine to the armor so I tried to incorporate that as well.

Cosplay in Action!

The first two photos were taken around the launch of Heroes of the Storm at the Blizzard campus in Irvine, CA. Several cosplayers including myself were invited to pose for photos with our Heroes of the Storm costumes.

heroes-of-the-storm-cosplay-sheroes-of-the-storm-sonya-cosplay-wrath-set-s tier-2-wow-warrior-sword-ashkand-quelserrar


Taken by Think.Nu at Anime Expo ’15.

The following pictures shows my work being displayed at the Blizzard HQ in Irvine. I am INCREDIBLY grateful for this wonderful opportunity. It is truly an honor!