Coco Wigs Tag

The client requested to change their product tag but wanted to keep the same mascot and logo that was designed by someone else (see original tag here).

Coco Wigs is a line catered to the Lolita fashion so the first thing I did was to change the original color scheme. Bright pink isn’t really a popular color for most types of Lolita fashion. The shades of pink that were originally used were too bright, so I toned down the pink into a more warm and dusty shade. I wanted the primary color to be brown while adding bits of pink, which gave it a nice balance and still comes off youthful but not too childish.

I decided to remove the colors of the mascot because there are many different sub-styles of Lolita. There’s Classic, Gothic, Sweet, Punk, Him, Ero and the list goes on. Having a colorless mascot would leave her open to interpretation and it shows that Coco Wigs caters to all if not most types of Lolita.

I added in a floral background because the Lolita community is known to be over-the-top with their aesthetic. They are far from simple and they love patterns and decorations.

A gap in between Los Angeles, CA and the social media buttons were required for the placement of the product barcode.

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