Pish Posh Wigs Packaging

When an item gets purchased from Pish Posh Wigs, the customer would receive this box that contains their order. Since consistency is important, the design of the packaging was based off of the product tag that I designed for them.

Their official logo has a large circle with the “P” letter inside. For the front cover of the box, I decided to remove that “P” and use the circle as a “window” so you can see a preview of the color of the wig. I felt it was important to have some kind of window to this box, otherwise it would feel claustrophobic without it, especially when the product comes in a variety of unique and beautiful colors.

Wigs, especially lace front wigs, can be complicated when it comes to styling it, cleaning it or even putting it on. The wig care and styling instructions are printed on the back of the box for the customer’s convenience. The step-by-step photos were modeled and edited by me.

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