Pish Posh Wigs Tag

The client requested to change their product tag (see original tag here) for a more luxury feel. I decided to make the tag longer and more narrow. When I think of a tag that belongs to a luxury product, I think of something that is a bit more elongated which would have a much sleeker look to it, as oppose to something that is bigger and boxy.

The brand’s signature colors are teal, white and occasionally grey. When it comes to product tags, I typically avoid leaving a background white because it tends to look too flat. For this one, I went with a subtle gradient that starts from a light teal at the top and gradually turns into a darker teal towards the bottom.

I wanted the front side of the tag to be simple so that all the attention is focused on the logo. The back side would have the essential information such as the contact info and social media buttons. The white is box is for the placement of the product barcode.

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